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March 28, 2013 - 23:10 PM

Chinbrook Meadows, Amblecote Road, Grove Park SE12

Chinbrook Pak 1 Chinbrook Park 2

About Friends of Chinbrook Meadows (FOCM)


Friends of Chinbrook Meadows (FOCM) is a park user group, whose aim is to promote this beautiful local park and liaise with other agencies as appropriate.


Chinbrook Meadows underwent considerable rejuvenation in 2002 and is now well used and appreciated by the local community. The changes in Chinbrook Meadows, and the impact of those changes, have been much studied and acclaimed.


FOCM Members keep in touch with activities, changes and concerns of other park users to monitor and inform representatives from Lewisham Borough Council and Glendale Services who manage the park. The group is keen to promote new and ongoing improvements to the park. We also run occasional events to introduce new people to the park and encourage its wider use. We are always eager to welcome new members.


Our quarterly meetings are informal and open to all. Dates are advertised on the park notice board and take place on Tuesday evenings at 6.30 in the park pavilion.



October 2011 Report by Anne Slater


The new play facilities for the old paddling pool area were completed in May 2011 and have been well used through the summer. It was disappointing that the climbing structure was smaller, and therefore less challenging for older children than we had hoped, but compromises had to be made to fit our budget.


The Friends of Chinbrook Meadows (FOCM), with support from Glendale, applied to the local Assembly for funding to install a junior cricket pitch, and additionally FOCM applied for money for a drinking water fountain and a “Trim Track”. We were very pleased to be offered money for all these ventures. We have had the water fountain installed by the under-fives play area, and the cricket pitch is now installed too. The group have decided to hold off on the completion of the “Trim Track” as this can form part of a bigger application we are making to the Lottery “Community Spaces” Fund. Showing the funders that we already have local support for our venture will add weight to our application and get the maximum benefit from our money if successful. “Groundwork” are supporting FOCM with this application which is going forward to the next stage later this year.


During the summer our Pavilion café ran a two-day Arts and Crafts event for the second year, and stalls sold a variety of goods including clothing, jewellery, cards and food. This annual event is developing each year and we hope to get even more stalls and customers next year.


Riverside management is an on-going concern for park users. Volunteers with “Natures Gym” and “Rivers and People” organisation have continued to work on the river banks regularly. There is a revised maintenance plan for 2012 which will involve more regular cuts of selected areas of riverside vegetation.


FOCM are always keen to welcome new members with an interest in the park.



Summer 2011 Report by Anne Slater


When writing in the last Grove Park Community Group Newsletter we were uncertain about the future of the proposed new play area because of government cut backs, but we heard just before Christmas that the plans would go ahead and the new facilities will be ready for use very soon. There will be an opening event on 18th June. We hope that young people in the area will really benefit from this new play area. The main structures include a conical climbing frame, a dual see-saw swing, a slide and a table tennis table. The area has been landscaped to encourage children to clamber over bridges, hillocks, boulders and steps, and the old paddling pool has been filled with sand to provide a soft surface. We will be watching with interest to see if the area encourages more young people to the park.


We were also pleased to receive funding via the Assembly to enable us to establish a cricket pitch once more. This has been a much longed for addition, and will be available for junior cricket with planned coaching in the future too.


The Friends of Chinbrook Meadows are always looking out for new ways to improve our park. Currently we are trying to get funding for a zip wire, "trim track" exercise equipment and a water fountain.


During the winter and early spring a great deal of work has been done by the riverside to manage the meadow area. This work has been done by a combination of volunteers and professionals. "The Rivers and People" project, "Nature’s Gym" and Glendale have all played a part. The area had, over the last couple of years, become increasingly overgrown with self-seeded sapling trees, nettles, creeping thistle and other dominant species. The aim has been to clear selected areas to encourage greater diversity of plant life. Anyone wishing to volunteer will find information about forthcoming sessions via Glendale (Tel: 020 8318 3986; email: lewnature@glendale-services.co.uk). It is a great way to keep fit, do something for your community and meet new people. The work is obviously an on-going process and, with the professional advice and support we receive, we hope to improve the riverside management so that it can be enjoyed by wildlife and people alike.


The Friends of Chinbrook Meadows are always keen to welcome new members with an interest in the park. Forthcoming meetings are on 19th July and 11th October, in the pavilion at 6.30pm. Contact telephone number (via Glendale) is 020 8318 3986. Note also our Arts and Crafts Fair on 13-14th August, 11-3 pm.



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