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Grove Park Community Group | The Neighbourhood Plan


June 08, 2014 - 20:26 PM

APRIL 2014
Lewisham Council is now consulting on the Grove Park Neighbourhood Plan which has been proposed by the Neighbourhood Forum.
Click on the link here:  http://bit.ly/Rrh6qU  to go to the relevant consultation page on the council’s website.
A leaflet has been sent by the council to every home in the area, explaining the process. See a copy here
Why might I be interested in a neighbourhood forum and neighbourhood planning?
Neighbourhood planning has the potential to address a variety of social, economic and environmental issues in the area, to regenerate Grove Park and improve the environment. If you have an interest in these types of issues, then you also have an interest in neighbourhood planning.
What is a neighbourhood plan?
A neighbourhood plan is an optional planning document which is produced by a community group as opposed to us. A neighbourhood plan contains policies relating specifically to the local neighbourhood, and can cover a wide variety of planning-related topics.
Who is on the Grove Park Neighbourhood Forum?
There is a wide range of local people and groups who attended public meetings to set up the forum and includes members of the Grove Park Community Group. Here is a full list of members (link to word document here).
What area does it cover?
Click here for the link to the map on the council’s website
What is the proposal?
Here is the application document which has the details: (Grove Park application word document here)
Who can I contact to find out more?
To find out more from Lewisham Council you can write to
Brian Regan, Planning Policy Manager, 020 8314 8774, planning.policy@lewisham.gov.uk
or David Knight, Planning Officer, 020 8314 7669, planning.policy@lewisham.gov.uk
To find out more from the Grove Park Neighbourhood Forum please contact Chair of the Neighbourhood Forum Stephen Kenny



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