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March 28, 2013 - 23:33 PM

Northbrook Park Community Group
What’s happening at Northbrook! - Summer 2011 Report by Michelle Ball
(as published in Grove Park Community Newsletter)


Northbrook Park Community Group has been up and running now for just over a year during which time it has been working very hard to raise money and get things changed for the better in Northbrook Park.


We have now a grand total of £222k to spend on the park from various funding pots. The changes we can make with this money will mean that a fantastic new play area can be created for children of all ages, with more seating for the families including a picnic bench and drinking water fountain.


The main grass area will be an official dog-free enforceable zone with fines for dog owners who break the rules. The main grass area will be fenced off like Manor House Gardens Park, while the play area will be landscaped to ensure it looks appealing to the eye.


We have recently had 104 trees (whips) donated through RHS and another 300 hazels donated by Cheviot Trees for a coppice in the forest school area. These have been planted by the community.


We are currently working with Baring School Year 3 pupils to make wildlife boxes including Bat Boxes, Bird Boxes, Mason Bee houses, Bug Hotels and Hedgehog Houses to attract more wildlife. We could not have done this without the help of Catford Timber, Travis Perkins (Lee) and Chris Ball Roofing who donated materials.


From May Lewisham’s Natures Gym team lead by Lara Glendale (Parks Management) own conservation officer have been creating a wildlife pond, stag beetle logger and a bug hotel, while Baring Reception and Year 1 pupils will be filling the hotel with recycled items. We could not have made this project happen without donations from the following: Travis Perkins (Catford), Pondkeeper.co.uk, Torry Hill Chesnut Fencing, Paul Bromfield Aquatics, Gordon Low Products and Pets at Home in Charlton.


For further information and events go to our website www.northbrookparkcommunitygroup.co.uk



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